Welcome to the Town of Pine Haven

Welcome to Pine Haven, WY

Pine Haven is located in Crook County, Wyoming next to Keyhole State Park and Reservoir, South of Devils Tower National Monument which makes the town a peaceful and charming community in one of the most beautiful and tranquil settings the state has to offer. Nestled in the pine trees with a visible abundance of birds and wildlife, it is nearly an idyllic spot to visit or live, if you like rolling hills, stately pine trees, clean air, water sports and golf.

The Town will always strive to provide up-to-date information on town services and how we are working to enhance your quality of life. Check back often for updates on the latest action of the Town Council, Town News, and other areas of interest. 





The Town of Pine Haven will be switching to the IPAWS System (National Warning System) which is hosted by Crook County Emergency. The National Warning System is the same system that sends out the

  • Amber Alert – Missing Person
  • Blue Alert – Active Law Enforcement message.


  • This system works off the nearest cell phone tower. Crook County Emergency creates a polygon map of the effected area . A message will be sent to all cell phones within that area or traveling through the area. In case of  Town Emergency Crook Co. Emergency Management will send out a Code Yellow via text to all cell phones with in area of concern.


  • IPAWS requires no sign up.
  • Examples of IPAWS Civil Emergency

o   Civil Dangers

o   Amber Alert

o   Immediate Evacuation – Fire

o   Major Water Break

o   Blizzards – Closure of Roads


We will no longer be sending a text or email message from the Town. If there is something that the Town needs to contact the public about we will put the message on the Pine Haven Community Bulletin Board


The Town will still be using the sirens for Emergencies


Town of Pine Haven will still test its sirens the first Monday of the month at noon.


Listen for the Sirens

And take cover


  • If a Tornado is within the area of the town a Wailing Tone (6 sec. Hi/6Low) lasting 3 minutes, means to take cover.


  • In case of a Fire stay out of the area and let the Fire Fighters work. STOP AND LISTEN for Fire Evacuation. Notice will be sounded and instructions will be given over the loud speaker. Remain calm. Follow the instructions of the emergency officials.