Town Municipal Code

The laws of the Town of Pine Haven are generally referred to as the Municipal Code.  Please follow the link below to view the entire code.


Helpful Hints:

 Ordinances that have been changed and not codified are listed on the front page of Municode. Description of changes are summarized.

 1. Ordinance #1 Chapter 24, in it's entirety (adopted 3-22-22)

 2. Ordinance #3 Chapter 10, Sec 10-25(b) Cemetery Plot Size, Sec 10-36 Severability Clause, Sec 10-37 Repealing Clause, Sec 10-38 Legal   Status, Sec 10-39  Effective Date. (adopted 3-22-22)


When looking for a specific item within the Codes located the magnifying glass (upper right of Municode page) type in item. Will give you everything associated with the item typed in.