The Cemetery Board shall have entire control and management of the Town's cemetery.  The Board shall establish appropriate rules and regulations for the management, use and operation of the municipal cemetery.  The Board shall be responsible for making such reports and performing such other duities as the Town Council from time to time may designate.

- Council Liaison -  Suzette Edwards
- Chairman- Sexton -Tom Roberts 
- Secretary - 
Al Kaldor
Bill Suchor
Bill Mathews
Larry Suchor
Cathrine Gallilee


The Pine Haven Area Cemetery is a 10-acre site with approximately 30 total interments to date.  The Pine Haven Area Cemetery is owned by the Town of Pine Haven.   Records for the Pine Haven Area Cemetery are maintained at the Town Clerk's office and a copy of the burial space deeds are filed in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds.

 The purchase price and fees for cemetery spaces are:

  • Plot Prices - $100.00 per plot and $400.00 per Lot (4 plots)
  • Burial fees:
  • Open/Close $500.00
  • Open/Close Cremation Grave - $50.00

A Department of Health Burial Transit Permit or Certificate of Cremation must accompany the remains/cremains to the burial destination.